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The best lender is one who cares about you

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation does business differently because each loan is much more than just numbers on a piece of paper – it is your dream for living in a house that  will become your home.

Patrick will take the time to discuss your overall financial objectives, look closely at your credit and spending, and work with you to determine what the best loan for you and your family. After all, buying a home is usually the largest financial decision you will make, and you will need the best advice and guidance from someone you truly trust.


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Ready to Begin?

Patrick understands his job is to answer all of your questions and present the best possible program for your goals and your budget. Patrick will take the time to listen to your overall financial goals and dreams of home ownership to then match you with the best program for your family’s unique situation.  He is an expert at communicating at every step of the process, answering all questions about the different types of homebuyer loans, and make ‘’lender speak’’ your new second language.

 Get pre-qualifed to buy a home

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make and trusting your mortgage lender is essential. Patrick will work to identify which home buyer program is best for you, and work to get your needs fulfilled according to your timeline. 

Refinance Your Home

Most people refinance when they have equity on their home, which is the difference between the amount owed to the mortgage company and the value of the home.  Reducing monthly payments, lowering  interest rates, taking cash out of a home for large purchases, or to simply change mortgage companies are all common reasons why Pat's clients refinance. 

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Get a mortgage commitment before you make an offer on the home of your dreams.

We are excited to now offer our clients the option to have a loan commitment in hand before submitting a contract of sale. Get ahead of your competition with a promise to close quicker.


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